serial data interface in ASCII format – i.e. at Schenk balancing machines


Data interface at Schenk balancing machines

Cleanroom Facility

A cleanroom facility is an environment with a very low level of pollution, mainly used for manufacturing of semiconductors and pharmaceutical products.

Control devices for EC - Fans

Control devices for EC-fans are used to observe, to control and/or to monitor certain number of EC-fans with RS485 based interfaces. Designated Control devices for EC-Fans of different suppliers (ebm papst , Nicotra Gebhardt, Ziehl Abegg ...) of vbk technology are uniqunet and uniquom.

CSV - Comma-Separated Values or Character-Separated Values

Data format for processing tables or table like structures

Most of the Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) as well as EC-Controllers consist of an (Input-)Rectifier and an (Output-)Inverter and the DC-link in between. In most of the cases a DC-link-Capacitor is used to store drive energy but to smooth the DC-link voltage as well.


A drive controller drives an electrical motor directly. It can be a Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) that drives an asynchronous motors but it can be an EC-Controller that drives an EC-Motor as well. The input is normally the electrical mains, but the output is the electrical motor terminal necessarily.

DSP - Digital signal processor

for continuously signal processing of digital signals – analogue signals will be integrated by AD- or DA converters

ebm papst modbus

RS485-based data bus of ebmpapst - see Modbus

ebmBUS - RS485

RS485-based data bus of ebmpapst, developed for the application of ebmpapst fans in cleanroom appliances.

Up to 7,905 fans with ebmBUS interface can be controlled by a single FFU-Control-Centre. The ebmBUS protocol, which has been further developed continuously, is now existing in it's third generation and is pretty simple to apply and to implement.

The ebmBUS protocol is based physically on a 2 wire RS485 transmission standard with 9600 Baud Half duplex.

handheld to control EC-fans with ebmBUS interface

vbk.cmd - The modern handheld to control and parametrize EC-fans with ebmBUS interface.

approved controller - get more information

EC fans

EC fans can operate due to the use of EC-Motors more efficient than other fans, energy savings up to 70% are possible.

Designated manufacturers of EC-Fans are ebm papst , Nicotra Gebhardt and Ziehl Abegg.

Infographic - Advantages EC-fans

EC Motors / EC Drives

Motors which use Permanent Magnets for the magnetic field generation; the name "EC" describes the way of commutation that is electronical (brushless) and is mainly applied by ebm papst, other description is Brushless-DC-Motors (BLDC).

EC Motors are very efficient especially in partial load range.

Video - EC motor.

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

Federal executive department of HEALTH and HUMAN SERVICES

FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Regulation about criteria for usage of electronic data recording and electronic signatures for quality assurance processes in pharma and food industries

FFU - Fan Filter Unit (sometimes called Filter Fan Unit)

Air Filtering Equipment with Fan, taking Air from the ceiling pressing it through the filter into the cleanroom, either as laminar or turbulent flow. Control of the FFU either by a FFU-Control Center or directly in closed loop manner for a required volume, pressure, speed or any other control value


RS485-based data bus of Gebhardt Ventilatoren, developed for the application in cleanroom appliances, based physically on a 2 wire RS485 transmission standard with 9600 Baud Half duplex

HVAC - Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning

IoT - Internet of Things

Internet of things describes technologies that aim to connect physical and virtual things in the network for their operation.


Communication Protocell based on Master/Slave resp. Client/Server structure, considered as open in contrast to proprietary systems Modbus RTU (RTU: Remote Terminal Unit, far away terminal) – data transmission with high speed in binary form Application Many fan manufacturer (ebmpapst, Nicotra||Gebhardt, Rosenberg, Ziehl Abegg …) apply Modbus RTU as open „Quasi-Standard-Option“ to control their fans

PLC - Programmable Logic Controller

Programmable and solid real-time device to control and close loop control of machines and Appliances in Automation Technology. Common types S5, S7 (Siemens), eaton (Möller)

Power & Free - Systems - Circular conveyors as stationary material movement device

The moving parts i.e. small carriers at hangers run on a closed track. They are linked with the chain positively and could be notched at will. The conveyors can run around continuously, while the hangers can be stopped and taken out as required. Because the chain drive is not running itself, the circular conveyors can i.e. run through hot ovens in contrast to other hanging systems.

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Standard for a serial interface in Computer and Automation Technology

RS485 or EIA-485

Industrial standard for a physically interface in Automation Technology for serial and asynchronous data transfer

TIA - Totally Integrated Automation

Totally Integrated Automation, industrial automation from Siemens, is the name given to efficient interoperability of all automation components.

µC - Microcontroller (sometimes µController or MCU)

Signal processor incl. peripheral functions (interfaces, memories, IN- and OUTPUTs) for automation application


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