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How to switch on my device?

uniquom - handtool

press the operating knob for appr. 2 secs, up your display lights on. If it does not happen, or it switches-off immediately, check the charging state of the device

uniqunet – FFU-Control-Centre

the device will start automatically if the correct power supply is applied

You get now communication to the connected ec-fans running?

  • - check the wiring --> NET-A and NET-B can be at different pins of your RJ45 terminals depending on the Fan brand or type
  • - check whether the correct bus system is chosen
  • - check the addresses, with a simple Scan command, the whole address range is scanned and all fans and addresses can be seen
  • - Probably the communication parameters (i.e. BUS-Baud rate) have been changed randomly?

Can a running SCAN-process be aborted, i.e. if a single connected EC-fan was already found?

Press the operation knob for min. 2 seconds, there will be a request to confirm the abort of the scan.

Is there a network termination of the RS485 network required or recommended?

Depending on the number of fans in your network and the overall length of your network line a termination can be useful. A typical sign is if the communication is seemingly sluggish and the commands are executed slowly. Due to the operation manner the FFU-Control-Centre suffers more under a bad communication.

Seemingly not all commands are executed equally.

uniquom - handtool

With regard to the Bus-System for some commands different access levels are required (i.e. for the change of the maximum speed of the fan).

uniqunet – FFU-Control-Centre

Normally all particularities of the different BUS-systems are considered at the programming of the tool. Due to the different complexity of the commands at different brands, the command packages requires different acting times (i.e. at simple installation of the EC-fans ).

Some addresses will be found by handtool but not by the FFU-Control-Centre

The handtool scans the whole address range of the chosen bus-system. The FFU-Control-Centre however is just supporting the first 100 possible addresses of the chosen bus-system. I.e. a used Modbus address of 128 is not manageable by the FFU-Control-Centre . Please use the handtool to change the address towards the correct operation range for the FFU-Control-Centre .

Some commands make no sense seemingly

The programming concept bases on an uniform concept with so called flags, independent of the used fan-brand or bus-system. I.e. at some fan brands the network address is a parameter at others a hardware setting at a code switch. At those systems parameters that deals with a change of addresses makes no sense obviously. Normally a „not supported“ is shown.


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