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vbk.cmd - The modern handheld to control and parametrize EC-fans with ebmBUS and Modbus interface.


The vbk.cmd is designed for easy use without any additional hardware.

It is ideal in all applications where the use of Laptop and interface converter bears some difficulties.

The vbk.cmd is created with full network performance and allows in combination with theClonemasterto transfer parameter sets on a matching ebmpapst EC fan in simplest manner.

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Gerät/Device vbk.cmd ®
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Clonemaster - The PC-level for administration and editing of customer parameter sets for clone purposes.

Up to 5 different parameter sets can be transferred to the vbk.cmd.

The cloning of all existing Parameter of the EC-fans with Modbus interface in application field requires just a few seconds, check of plausibility including.



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