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With honesty and firm determination we are going to build relationships of mutual trust. All our workers and business partners will be delighted not only from our products but from our conscience.

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uniquom® - A modern hand device to control and to parametrize several devices with RS485 interfaces.


The most successful companies of our time create new markets by suggesting new needs to the mainstream, needs that are probably not even real and likely fading. "Modern Technologies" coming out of this, need to be applied in useful and smart solutions.


Even conservative costumer will require more than pure hardware solutions. Modern efficient processes need permanent monitoring. This is not only to improve these processes, but more and more to log the energy savings.


The service of FFU-systems requires experiences in Aerodynamic, Automation and Electric Drive design. Some providers hardly make sure to offer support for their own products. A cross-market support for different brands and systems doesn't exist.

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uniqunet - Stand-alone Monitoring and Control device for different applications with RS 485-based interfaces.

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Dwindling energy resources requires more and more efficient processes and systems, whose actual energy savings need to be proofed in comparison to conventional technology. This demand for information leads to development of technical possibilities to use these informations properly.

Mathias Paul - Founder of vbk technology